Thursday, February 26, 2015

Haikus vs Limericks

Notamobster at The Real Revo just ran a piece about haikus, "Happy Humpday Haiku Hysteria", with the general opinion that they're kind of, umm, lame.  I have to agree… 

Here's one I wrote that kind of proves that:

Rinos and Leftists
Roam the countryside, mindless,
Buttheads run amok.

I guess I'm more of a limerick guy…here's a couple, which kind of say the same thing, but I like them a lot better:

The people who work for Obama
Distract us with fiction and drama.
Our friends shed a tear,
And our enemies jeer,
But we'll deal with the self-induced trauma.

The left knows they have to move fast…
Their socialist dreams are half assed…
They think it's their game,
But their pitcher is lame,
and Freedom is gonna bat last.

What do you think?

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