Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Turtles On Fenceposts...w/Update

Update:  No turtles were harmed in the making of this blog.  Except for the one on the left.  After being rescued and set free by a concerned person, he returned to his natural habitat, where he was immediately eaten by a coyote.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

A Clear Voice Speaking Against Radical Islam And Treason In The White House

Found this on Allen West's site, here.  Video of Tomi Lahren of One America News Network, saying what millions of us have been thinking for a long time.  There is a growing sense of "Enough" in this nation.  More and more Americans are making it clear that they're sick of  the treasonous behavior of our would-be Commander in Chief,  and they're sick of the silence that comes from those empowered to stop it.  And it's about time.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

A Promise To Five Men In Chattanooga

Thursday, July 16, five brave men charged with the responsibility of defending this country died because they weren't allowed to defend themselves.

They were murdered by yet another Muslim, Muhammad Yousseff Abdulazeez,  in an act of terrorism inspired by the islamic notion of "jihad".  

Every man or woman in the United States Military, regardless of their location, find themselves today unarmed, in what amounts to a global active combat theater.  The idea that they can't be trusted with firearms is simply idiotic.  The people who attack them do so for the same reason they murder women and children.  They don't have the courage to go near anybody who has the means to defend themselves, and the people whose policies created this situation seem to be okay with it.  

People in this country, honorable people, refer to this attack as an act of war.  Islamists would like to think of themselves as 'warriors', but they don't know what the word means.  Warriors don't go around sneaking up on unarmed people.  They give themselves far too much credit.  Regardless, our president, who cares about none of that, won't do anything about it.  He refuses to acknowledge reality, referring to the attack  as a "heartbreaking circumstance".  This statement is a masterpiece of cowardice and duplicity, even for him.

If America had a president worthy of the title, these men would not have been attacked in the first place.  We would have responded in kind to this violence long ago, and these terrorists would be busy murdering each other back home instead of attacking unarmed people in our streets.  

The blood of these men is on Mr. Obama's hands.  They weren't the first to die here at home, and they won't be the last.  

Mr. Obama doesn't seem to understand any of this.  Here's something else he doesn't understand:  The only reason we have a Commander-in-Chief in the first place is because he was delegated, by the People, to take care of just this kind of threat.  If he chooses to dishonor that responsibility, he merely renders himself irrelevant.  The only thing he will dishonor in the end is himself and his office.  Millions of brain dead liberals notwithstanding, this is a nation of free men, and if he won't defend America, the rest of us will.  That is a promise to these men, and everyone else who died defending this country.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Al Jazeera: Six Rotten Things About America

The video shows people who at least appear to be Americans trashing the country, overlaid by a mocking version of  "America The Beautiful".  I'm sorry I watched it.  You no doubt have better things to do, but if you insist, here's a link.  Just don't blame it on me.