Saturday, February 28, 2015

Barry Needs Everyone To Send Him Ten Bucks

 Here's an email I received from one of Mr. Obama's fund raising stooges, asking me to send money.  The way it reads, Obama's doing all these great things for the country, and it seems logical to him that I would help support his actions.

Hey Barry, if money's tight, here's just three things you could do that would keep you from having to go around hitting on people for cash:  Tell your wife to stop flying around the world on taxpayers money from Hawaii to Africa to Aspen to Martha's Vineyard and back, stop handing out other people's money to illegal aliens, and stop squandering billions of dollars on "green energy" subsidies.  

I don't know what's more delusional, that he actually thinks that the chaos he's inflicting on the country is somehow a good thing, or that he thinks I'm going to send him ten bucks

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Fifth Columnists and Useful Idiots

Here's a piece titled "Obama Administration, Fifth Columnists and Useful Idiots", found on Family Security Matters.  The piece, by Col Lawrence Sellin, gives some context to the Obama administration, and to the leftist swarm, including the media, that blindly accepts whatever Obama does or doesn't do.  Very informative article.  This link will take you to a list of Col Sellins previous writings.  I don't expect a lot of Obama's followers to pay much attention to what Col Sellin has to say...after all, they're too busy being useful idiots.  But there's always hope.  Right?  

Proper Groveling Attire

Myles Eckert

Andy Eckert is very proud of his son Myles.  Someday they'll see each other again.

Haikus vs Limericks

Notamobster at The Real Revo just ran a piece about haikus, "Happy Humpday Haiku Hysteria", with the general opinion that they're kind of, umm, lame.  I have to agree… 

Here's one I wrote that kind of proves that:

Rinos and Leftists
Roam the countryside, mindless,
Buttheads run amok.

I guess I'm more of a limerick guy…here's a couple, which kind of say the same thing, but I like them a lot better:

The people who work for Obama
Distract us with fiction and drama.
Our friends shed a tear,
And our enemies jeer,
But we'll deal with the self-induced trauma.

The left knows they have to move fast…
Their socialist dreams are half assed…
They think it's their game,
But their pitcher is lame,
and Freedom is gonna bat last.

What do you think?

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Saudi Cleric Clears It All Up

Speaking at a university seminar in the United Arab Emirates, Sheikh Bandar al-Khaibari, a Saudi cleric, said that the earth is stationary, and the sun revolves around it.  What else would you expect?  The only thing he ever read in his life was written in the 5th century.  Or maybe he was just putting us on.  Those Saudi clerics, you know, they just love to joke around.   

On the other hand, maybe what he said proves the Catholic Church was right all along.  (How's that for irony?)  Looks like that Galileo guy was just making up stuff after all.

AUMF: Abysmal ÜberMook Flimflam

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Obama's War Strategy


Today was Peggy's birthday.  Like my brother and my sister, she's on my mind today.  She was our baby sister.  She would have been 63 years old, but God had a different plan.  To everyone who reads this, I hope the people in your life are safe and healthy.  Tell them how you feel, and remember that tomorrow is not guaranteed.  

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

...Even When The Truth Might Serve As Well

Releasing Your Inner Coyote

I was minding my own business this morning, and I stumbled on this gem.  You have to see it to believe it.  It's from a theater production by a group called Sirens, presented on BBC.  They refer to it as "3rd Wave Feminism", which, as near as I can figure out, has something to do with releasing your inner coyote. 

There is nothing I'm capable of in the way of parody or satire that can touch this.  Looks like I picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue.

More good stuff at TheRealRevo.  Thanks Jim22

Monday, February 2, 2015

Chris Kyle Day

Today, February 2nd is Chris Kyle Day.  Texas Governor Greg Abbott set aside the day in honor of Chris Kyle, a Navy Seal who holds the record for the most confirmed kills in American history.  This is a fitting tribute to a true American warrior.  Chris would no doubt be humbled by this, because, like any true warrior, he believed in his mission, and never sought credit or attention for himself.  After serving 4 tours in Iraq he lost his life, in Texas, trying to help a fellow veteran suffering from PTSD.  

He is credited with 150 confirmed kills, all Islamic jihadis.  He put his life on the line on every one of these missions, and the number of American lives he saved by his actions will never be known.  For this, Chris Kyle has my respect and gratitude, and he is deserving of a day named in his honor.

Meanwhile, Michael Moore is still waiting for someone to name a day after him.  Maybe the best he can hope for is something like a "Michael Moore Jelly Donut Eating Contest" at some county fair.