Saturday, March 14, 2015

If It's Working, It's Only Because Some Of Us Are Helping

Anybody in this country who has an opinion about anything that differs from whatever our masters want us to think is a racist or "hater" who has no right to a voice...for instance, they want us to believe that:   White people long for the days of slavery.  Every police department in the country has a secret plan to kill every black person they can find.  Those of us who escape drowning as the oceans engulf the land will all die anyway, poisoned by CO2.  Evil corporations are plotting to take all your money.  Islamic terrorists may have sworn to kill us all, but the problem is the xenophobic bigots who keep pointing that out.  Every college fraternity in America is a fortress of madmen armed with penises plotting who to rape next.  Every male in the country is in on a sinister plot to deny women the right to kill their babies.  …etc….

No country has ever been perfect.  America is no different, but in the past we have always had the courage and clarity to look at our differences and deal with them in a way that has resulted in strength and unity.  That strength is the reason the rest of the free world has always looked to us first when they need help.

America is collapsing in on itself as the division and the hatred escalates.  What changed?  Why is this happening now?  Because the socialist parasites who have infected this country want it to happen.  America stands in the way of their utopian scheme, and it must be undone.  

They can't destroy this country by themselves.  But they can see that by amplifying or outright inventing these things, with the help of the deluded fools who buy into it all, they can get us to do it for them.  The left, who invented the term "useful idiots" knows that their plans would implode tomorrow without the help of these people.

Here's a video that's a perfect example of what I'm talking about.  Some cop is trying to deal with a situation involving a guy on a campus somewhere who is protesting abortion.  But my point is that the guy is confronted by some irate woman who informs him that he has no right to an opinion about abortion, mostly because he "has a dick".  I rest my case.

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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Boehner Caves On Amnesty...

Net Neutrality: Obamacare for Free Speech

The First Amendment to the Constitution was intended to protect our right to speak openly, about anything.  That right is central to a free society.  That ended February 26, 2015.  PC, long used as a weapon by the socialist left, has always been masked as an appeal to "fairness".  But Obama has taken that control to the next level.

Any tyrant will tell you that his point of view transcends all others.  Anyone who goes against him is guilty of interfering with his self defined authority, and thereby threatens his sovereignty.   

The established media was bought and paid for long ago, and now Obama, through the FCC, has devised a weapon to deal with the only remaining venue for a free exchange of ideas, the internet.

FCC Commisioner Pai said:
Net neutrality is "...a solution that won't work to a problem that doesn't exist using legal authority we don't have".
On Feb 26, the FCC handed Obama the authority, under the color of law, to decide what you will say and what you will not say.  They call it "Net Neutrality", a euphemism on a par with "Affordable Care".  Failing  intervention by congress or the courts, any point of view that contradicts Obama will disappear from the American conversation, per the still undisclosed regulations he signed into law on that date. 

It's just a question of how long it will take.

H/T  Alan Caruba on The Absurd Report