Thursday, December 10, 2015

The Dissonance Of Leftists

Recently I read something posted online by a man who speaks of "building a new world", and who states that he "hereby renounces his 2nd Amendment rights".  He believes the lie that terrorists and violent criminals are not the problem, that guns themselves are the problem.

I know this man personally.  He's a decent man who cares deeply about his family, and I have a great deal of respect for him.  But the "new world" he speaks of is based on a vast lie, and he will not see that.  It is a lie told by people whose only goal is absolute power, and if it comes to pass, it will be at the expense of his family's Freedom.  This man is a Christian, but he chooses to preemptively surrender his ability to defend that Freedom.  I don't believe this dissonance is based on fear, but on his willingness to ignore reality, and to believe the false assurances made by men who would enslave us.

Freedom is not a condition allowed at the discretion of other men, it is a right given to us by God.  In the pursuit of power, other men will try to take that Freedom away, and the only choice we have in the matter is to surrender it, or fight to defend it.    

I am grateful for that gift from God, and I will defend it with my life.  I carry a gun for the same reason I look before I cross the street.  God made me a sentient being, and I accept the responsibility to take care of myself and the people around me.   I have a right and a duty to do that.   As a Christian, I can do no less.