Friday, March 25, 2016

Saying Something Doesn't Make It True, Mr. Obama

Mr. Obama lives in his own fantasy world, unhindered by reality…ISIS is a “JV team”, “they’re on the run”, Islam has “nothing to do with terrorism”, climate change is the “biggest threat we face”, he got the best of the Iran deal, “you can keep your doctor”…on and on.

But in Cuba on Tuesday he outdid himself.  In his speech he drew a moral equivalency between the American Revolution and the communist takeover of Cuba.   In 1776 American patriots rejected British tyranny and established a nation of people empowered to pursue their lives in Freedom.  In 1959 the exact opposite happened in Cuba.  By brute force and treachery, the free democracy that existed there was destroyed and became a communist hellhole at the hands of Fidel, his brother, and the murderous coward Che Guevara.  As long as the Castros retain their grip, it will remain so.

If Mr. Obama had any use for reality, all he would need to do is ask himself this:  Has a single human being ever taken his life in his hands to escape America to live in Castro’s paradise?  In all the thousands of boatloads of desperate refugees who risked their lives to escape a tyrannical nightmare by crossing the straits between America and Cuba, which direction were they all headed?  North, or south?   

Mr. Obama knows the answer, of course.  His greatest delusion is his apparent conviction that his words have the power to transcend the simple truth,  that he is able to rewrite human history at will.  But facts are stubborn things, and we ignore them at our own peril.  Mr. Obama’s “legacy” will reflect that.

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