Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The Awakening Of A Conservative

This is a story about Larry and Zelda.   Larry's post-doctoral work had taken him to Thailand,  to study tropical rain forest ecology.  He knew that when global warming destroyed all the ice in the Arctic, understanding tropical rain forests would be the key to the survival of polar bears.  His whole life had been spent agonizing over the unfairness of America, and the hardships people endured at the hands of conservative haters whose only goal in life was to obstruct people's happiness by the invention of cruel and arbitrary devices such as their definition of marriage.

It was there, in the ancient Mekong river valley, that he met Zelda.  At first he had no idea what to make of her.  Romance was the furthest thing from his mind, he was driven only by the need to save the planet.  But she was beautiful, and she moved so gracefully.  In Larry's free time, they would spend hours together on the banks of the vast Mekong River, talking quietly about how conservatives had brought the world to the very brink of destruction, and what the future held.  They both understood the harm caused by the evil boundaries placed on marriage by conservatives.  They both knew that one cannot place limits on true love.  The bond between them grew, and they knew  that, in spite of the haters, they would spend the rest of their lives together.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

2015 Paul Revere Award

Looked in my email this morning and BABOOM!!  There it was...A much coveted award that I'm very proud of...Go say hi to the folks at Political Clown Parade.  They present these awards annually to conservative blog sites that pass their smell test...It's an honor, and it made my day.  On Father's Day, no less...Thanks, Curmudgeon....

Friday, June 19, 2015

In The End, It's Up To Us

When 4 Americans murdered in Benghazi were repatriated at Andrews Air Force Base, the Secretary of State looked right into the faces of the grieving families and lied, telling them that their loved ones died because of a badly made video.  Her only concern was protecting her future political ambitions.

At Obama's direction, the IRS and the EPA have been used to selectively attack his political opponents.

The Veterans Administration has neglected the health care needs of veterans, and Obama does nothing. 

Obama routinely ignores the counsel of his military leaders, and has refused to acknowledge the threat of ISIS.  He has imposed preposterous rules of engagement that make the military's task much more dangerous, and much less effective.

The media acts as a shield for Obama's failures, and has abandoned all pretense of "professional journalism".

The crime rate in cities like Baltimore skyrockets as the leftist establishment gives rioters "room to destroy", and undercuts it's own police force.

The government inserts itself in minute corners of our lives, outlawing soda pop, and writing regulations that dictate the contents of s'mores, while it ignores American citizens held hostage by ISIS, the economy, and the flood of illegal aliens.

The nation's standing in the world is being systematically trashed by Obama, whose word means nothing to people who used to trust us.

And now, 9 innocent people in Charleston have been murdered by yet another mindless, drug addled lunatic.  In between political fundraising events, Obama rushed to the microphones to take advantage of the nightmare to blame conservatives, the 2nd amendment, and the NRA.  In a far more insidious lie, he also said "I've had to make statements like this too many times".  This artfully obscures a very disturbing fact:  characteristically, Obama is unable to respond with genuine compassion to a human tragedy like this.  He sees it only as an opportunity to be taken advantage of.

Clearly, this man and his forces should be removed from office, but the people empowered to do this will not act.  The congress and the courts have betrayed their obligations to the nation, and pretend not to notice the travesty unfolding before them.

The government, in the hands of the socialist left, has been turned against us.  Our collective will as a people, and our own personal commitment, is all that stands between us and the abject surrender of our freedom.  History will judge us by how we respond.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

You Personally Are Responsible For Your Own Freedom

Yesterday, June 15 notamobster at TheRealRevo.com had this to say about the Magna Carta,  the US Constitution, what it is that really makes us free, and what we need to do about it as individuals if we want to stay that way.  He nailed it with this one....here's an excerpt:

"...No paper, ink, document, or guarantee can secure your liberty because she – your beautiful lady – is secured only in your vigorous exercise and jealous defense of the same. No man can guarantee your rights, because no man gave you those rights. No man can take those rights away, for the very same reason. You can only lose the rights, you willingly surrender.
We are staring down the barrel of the very same abuses which impelled the nobles to rebellion more than 800 years ago. The VERY SAME ABUSES. If you don’t stand up, refuse to submit, and declare your rights inviolate, you will lose them and the grand experiment of the past 239 years will whither and die. It will never happen again.
 Defend your rights. Stand in defiance and refuse to give even one more inch. God himself created you to be free. Please act accordingly."

Go to TheRealRevo and read the whole thing.  It's as right on as anything I've seen on the internet for a long time....

Notice From BigFurHat at IOTWReport.com

Here's a direct quote from BFH:
Canadian server, probably progressives, shuttered its doors without giving iOTWreport.com a heads up.
Screwed them over big time.
Scrambling to replicate site on new server. Gonna get her done within 24 hours.  We cannot be defeated.

Strange Weather, Strange Days

Thursday, June 11, 2015

"Legal Personhood" Did Anybody Ask The Chimps?

Thinking About Peggy

Today was a very important day for my sister Peggy.  It was her last one.  Today, June 11th, 2007, she stood face to face with God Almighty, and explained her life to Him.  I have no doubt that what He saw made Him happy.

We will all get to do that in our own time.  When it's my turn, I already know what I have to say.  Whatever the outcome, it will be good to be able to lay those things down, and I will accept the consequences.

If you don't believe any of that, then when it's your turn just tell Him anything that comes to mind.  He already knows anyway.

Maybe I'll see a lot of people I've lost over the years.  Maybe I'll see Peggy.  I miss her.

Monday, June 8, 2015