Friday, April 24, 2015

See Ya, Eric

Looks like Eric Holder is finally down the road.  His entire tenure as AG was a charade, in furtherance of a political agenda that made a mockery of everything this nation stands for, all in the service of Mr. Obama's goals.  Diogenes Middle Finger lays it out very nicely.  Check it out at Adios MoFo...

Open Letter To Zeta Beta Tau

This past weekend, disabled veterans and their families attended the Warrior Beach Retreat in Panama City, Fla, at the same resort where members of Zeta Beta Tau fraternity were staying.  (See here).  The veterans were spit on, and their wives were insulted by members of the fraternity.  Not content with that, the fraternity members urinated on American flags.  An "apology" was posted on Facebook by the fraternity, and we are told they are conducting an investigation.  

I have this to say to anybody who is a member of this fraternity:

if you support these actions, you're a piece of shit, not merely because I say so, because that's who you are, and every decent human being I know, military veteran or not, will tell you the same thing.  Everyone you meet will know that about you for the rest of your life.  If that's the case, you're wasting your time here.  Stop reading, and just go away.

If you don't condone these actions, then you are faced with a serious dilemma.  

If you think issuing some meaningless apology will buy a little time until it all goes away, you belong in the first group.  If you want to believe that this kind of behavior is excusable as some sort of "mistake", or that you can exempt yourself because you weren't personally involved, you're kidding yourself.  You're just a poser, and until you figure this out, that's all you'll ever be.   

If you are willing to admit that your presence in this fraternity is a mistake, that suggests that you possess the integrity to do what you know is right.  Maybe the right thing to do is withdraw from this fraternity and start over.  We all make mistakes, but what defines us is what we do about them. Before we can learn anything from them, we have to be willing to own it.  

The people who have seized control of this country are very busy taking control of everything around us, including our lives.  The one thing they cant take from us, unless we give it away, is our right to honor and self respect.    Decide what you are going to personally do about this.  Everybody's watching.