Saturday, February 28, 2015

Barry Needs Everyone To Send Him Ten Bucks

 Here's an email I received from one of Mr. Obama's fund raising stooges, asking me to send money.  The way it reads, Obama's doing all these great things for the country, and it seems logical to him that I would help support his actions.

Hey Barry, if money's tight, here's just three things you could do that would keep you from having to go around hitting on people for cash:  Tell your wife to stop flying around the world on taxpayers money from Hawaii to Africa to Aspen to Martha's Vineyard and back, stop handing out other people's money to illegal aliens, and stop squandering billions of dollars on "green energy" subsidies.  

I don't know what's more delusional, that he actually thinks that the chaos he's inflicting on the country is somehow a good thing, or that he thinks I'm going to send him ten bucks

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