Tuesday, June 16, 2015

You Personally Are Responsible For Your Own Freedom

Yesterday, June 15 notamobster at TheRealRevo.com had this to say about the Magna Carta,  the US Constitution, what it is that really makes us free, and what we need to do about it as individuals if we want to stay that way.  He nailed it with this one....here's an excerpt:

"...No paper, ink, document, or guarantee can secure your liberty because she – your beautiful lady – is secured only in your vigorous exercise and jealous defense of the same. No man can guarantee your rights, because no man gave you those rights. No man can take those rights away, for the very same reason. You can only lose the rights, you willingly surrender.
We are staring down the barrel of the very same abuses which impelled the nobles to rebellion more than 800 years ago. The VERY SAME ABUSES. If you don’t stand up, refuse to submit, and declare your rights inviolate, you will lose them and the grand experiment of the past 239 years will whither and die. It will never happen again.
 Defend your rights. Stand in defiance and refuse to give even one more inch. God himself created you to be free. Please act accordingly."

Go to TheRealRevo and read the whole thing.  It's as right on as anything I've seen on the internet for a long time....

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