Friday, June 19, 2015

In The End, It's Up To Us

When 4 Americans murdered in Benghazi were repatriated at Andrews Air Force Base, the Secretary of State looked right into the faces of the grieving families and lied, telling them that their loved ones died because of a badly made video.  Her only concern was protecting her future political ambitions.

At Obama's direction, the IRS and the EPA have been used to selectively attack his political opponents.

The Veterans Administration has neglected the health care needs of veterans, and Obama does nothing. 

Obama routinely ignores the counsel of his military leaders, and has refused to acknowledge the threat of ISIS.  He has imposed preposterous rules of engagement that make the military's task much more dangerous, and much less effective.

The media acts as a shield for Obama's failures, and has abandoned all pretense of "professional journalism".

The crime rate in cities like Baltimore skyrockets as the leftist establishment gives rioters "room to destroy", and undercuts it's own police force.

The government inserts itself in minute corners of our lives, outlawing soda pop, and writing regulations that dictate the contents of s'mores, while it ignores American citizens held hostage by ISIS, the economy, and the flood of illegal aliens.

The nation's standing in the world is being systematically trashed by Obama, whose word means nothing to people who used to trust us.

And now, 9 innocent people in Charleston have been murdered by yet another mindless, drug addled lunatic.  In between political fundraising events, Obama rushed to the microphones to take advantage of the nightmare to blame conservatives, the 2nd amendment, and the NRA.  In a far more insidious lie, he also said "I've had to make statements like this too many times".  This artfully obscures a very disturbing fact:  characteristically, Obama is unable to respond with genuine compassion to a human tragedy like this.  He sees it only as an opportunity to be taken advantage of.

Clearly, this man and his forces should be removed from office, but the people empowered to do this will not act.  The congress and the courts have betrayed their obligations to the nation, and pretend not to notice the travesty unfolding before them.

The government, in the hands of the socialist left, has been turned against us.  Our collective will as a people, and our own personal commitment, is all that stands between us and the abject surrender of our freedom.  History will judge us by how we respond.