Monday, December 22, 2014

The Voice Of Sanity

Here is the voice of sanity from a Harvard professor.  This Christmas we will again celebrate the birth of Christ, who came here to teach us this same message.
That light still shines in the world.  Truth, clarity, and respect for others is only possible if we have respect for ourselves, and if we listen to the things He taught us.  There are people now in this country who sow hatred and division, who want to replace His message with a very different one.  They've always been among us, and they know that to succeed in their plans, they have to turn us against each other by creating anger and confusion, and by turning us away from our religious principles, however they might be expressed. But they will only succeed if we let them.

America's success in the world is mainly due to two things. One is the strength of our religious faith.  The other is the United States Military.  Our military protects our right to express our faith, and our faith assures our military that they're fighting for something worthy.  If the left succeeds in their efforts to harm either of those, they will capture the power they seek, and the world will become a very dark place.  God bless this nation, and give us the wisdom and the strength to live up to the challenge before us.

Thousands of our fellow Americans are engaged in that fight this Christmas.  They are away from their families, and they have willingly placed themselves in harms way. They deserve our respect and support.  Pray for them, and if you get a chance, walk up to one and say thank you.  It may not seem like much, but he will remember it the rest of his life.        

Merry Christmas, and Semper Fi. 

Thanks to Brother Ducky for sending me this video.


  1. The only real regret in raising my children is that I did not give them a good church to go to regularly. Great video and I will definetely pass it on. The other problem we are having right now is that the people who do have the spotlight all see to be saying that your actions don't matter. You can go out and break whatever laws you want and be as bad a citizen as you want because when you get caught if we think the consequences of those illegal actions are too severe we will complain and protest but never address what put you in that situation to start with. unfortunately I believe that the recent murders in New York are a direct result of those people telling anyone that will listen that the Police are bad instead of telling them not to break the law and put themselves in those situations to begin with. Thanks for the blog Mike. Merry Christmas. Paul.

  2. I used to attend a church on a regular basis. As a young teen we did road trips, Halloween parties, pool parties trips to six flags and trips to the beach. It was an awesome experience. My pastor told me once that no matter where you find yourself in life always keep the faith. It took a long time to finally understand just what faith meant. I think it was at 40 that it finally hit me...and I got it. It is something that can't be explained, can't be taught in a book but has to be experienced. This is what they were teaching us back then on those youth trips was faith. Faith in your friends, faith in your community, faith in those you chose to lead you, faith in doing the right thing by one another and expecting it in return, faith in something bigger than you and faith in yourself to live to the best of your abilities. When we take away religion we take away the ability to show people what "faith" really is all about.