Friday, December 19, 2014

Obama Ponders His Next Move

Obama spins the foreign policy wheel, hands the Castros a huge victory, America gets nothing in return, Obama stands at 0 for 10 in his foreign policy efforts, and ends up with a Texas chili bowl for his trouble.  Socialism wins, and the Cuban people lose, not to mention the damage to what's left of our national image.  But Obama doesn't see any of that as bad.  So should he spin the wheel again or not?  

Obama ponders his next move:  "After all, America does need to be brought down a peg, and besides, thanks to the RINOs, amnesty is in the bag, right there next to Obamacare.  And they actually passed the CRomnibus.  So since the midterms, it's been a pretty good run from my point of view.  So what the hell, spin it again.  It's not my money after all, and whatever happens, if America ends up looking bad, hey…. Anyway, I like a good Texas chili bowl now and then, so even if I lose, I win"

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