Sunday, May 21, 2017

Their Base Is Waking Up

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  1. Decades ago, I posted a statement on an old BBS that predicted this. The
    Democrat party is a coalition of disparate and often competing pressure
    groups, and that a loss of even a small percentage of votes from just
    a few of these groups could spell doom for the party.

    I predicted that an awakening of private sector union members would cause
    a huge impact in a national election. Detroit was the manufacturing capitol
    of the world, with the highest standard of living in America. These were
    traditionally Democrat voters, who would eventually bolt from the party
    which destroyed tens of millions of their jobs pandering to the tree-huggers.

    Trump also got a higher number of racial minorities who wised up as well.
    The Democrats have already painted themselves into a regional party status
    which consists almost solely of big city welfare and gange infested crap-

    You are correct, the people are wising up!