Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Cataract Surgery


  1. I can't believe all the great artwork you do and you had cataracts.
    I understand they remove your lens and replace it with a man made one.
    Good luck Springer, keep up the good work.

  2. Welcome to the club of thousands maybe millions of us baby-boomers who have had the surgery.

  3. Tell me more, much more.
    In winter of last year I started having trouble focusing on the road on the way to work and peoples headlights were way too strong.
    I thought it was the fog smoke stained windshield.
    Spring came and I started squinting at my laptop at work in the mornings.
    I thought my prescription was changing again.
    I wear progressives as a way of compensating for my lenses losing their elasticity.
    So, I thought, changing again.
    In summer, one night coming back from a callout at the station I was approaching the clover leaf and lights had these beautiful halos on them.
    It was gorgeous.
    One night out in the backyard I looked up at the moon and could see one moon with my left eye and three with my right.
    Gotta see the eye doctor soon.
    Then I got a job up north and it became imperative to get new glasses.
    At the eye doctors a week before leaving I went for an eye exam and instead got all of these other tests I'd never had before.
    Then I got the news that I had cataracts.
    I'm fifty.
    I got a referral to a surgeon and was told the waiting list was a year long.
    That was nine months ago.