Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Fine Art Of Grubering

Jonathan Gruber is referred to as the "architect" of Obamacare.  His approach to selling the idea to Americans is summed up here in a quote by him:
“Lack of transparency is a huge political advantage. And basically, call it the stupidity of the American voter or whatever, but basically that was really really critical for the thing to pass….Americans are too stupid to understand…"  
If cynicism and moral bankruptcy were Olympic sports, Jonathan Gruber would have at least two golds locked up.  If there was a Hall of Fame for a sport called  "Contempt for American Citizens", they would put a statue of him in front of it.  In a country run by socialist wannabes who aspire to complete control, where the end always justifies the means and the concept of integrity is a joke, this guy has some stiff competition, but he's way ahead on points.

So now a new word has entered the national lexicon.  If you buy a car that turns out to be a piece of junk, you've been "grubered".  A "gruberism" is a lie concocted by the left for the purpose of keeping voters in the dark, at least until the next election.

Gruber  verb  \groo-burr\   
   :  To tell a lie deliberately with the intent of misleading.
   :  To misinform people based on the belief that they are too stupid to understand the wisdom of your position.

example:  To conceal the truth about Obamacare it was necessary to gruber the entire nation.
   :  A calculated mistruth intended to deceive listeners

 example:  The explanation given in favor of Obamacare was one huge gruber from one end to the other.

Gruberish   noun  \groo-burr-esh\
   :  Any bewildering deluge of falsehoods designed to confound an audience based on the speaker's awareness that the truth must be concealed by any means necessary.  

example:  A preposterous mountain of gruberish was put forth intended to hide the fact that the entire nation had been grubered about Obamacare.

The absence of respect for Americans is obvious, and something we have all come to expect from the socialists,  but what is truly breathtaking here is the total lack of self respect exhibited by Mr. Gruber.  He knows the idea he's selling is crap, but rather than question his own involvement, his only reaction is to lie about it to get away with it.  Nobody's going to catch on anyway, we're all too stupid.  

Obamacare is not and never was about health care.  It's about control.  Like just about everything else the left has to sell us, the effect it will have on the economy and on American's lives is not the point. 


  1. I still see the same mistake over and over again.

    Gruber wasn't calling 'Americans' stupid, even if he thought he did.

    Gruber was calling LIBERAL Americans stupid, the ones who were dumb enough to believe him.

    More specifically, the target audience for his lies were the left-of-center independents and the left in general who aped his lies as gospel.

    That's not to say that he doesn't think he's calling the Right stupid, in a fit of double-think*, but the content of what he says doesn't indict the Right's intelligence - quite the opposite. He's actually making a scathing argument for the Left's lack of intelligence.

    *probably unknowingly because he's clearly not that intelligent. Regarding his phony qualifications, he has no actual experience to back up how smart he is in real life; his one major accomplishment being Obamacare which proves how incompetent he is; yes, it's a scam, but it's a scam but even as scams go, this one isn't working very well to deliver the bacon.

    1. My thoughts exactly. I plan to ask my lib acquaintances if they are in on the lib lie of the day or just the stupid voter.

    2. Thank you! I have also been of the same mind since hearing of the various 'grubering' cases. It seems to me there were plenty of Americans who were not fooled during the various shenanigans leading to the 'passage' of this awful piece of legislation. it's a shame the information sources for the rubes who bought it all won't be telling this story.

    3. Actually, I think a good percentage of liberals knew they'd be paying for it one way or another, indirectly or even directly. They just pretended they didn't. Of course there were many idiots. One example is Cindy Vinson of San Jose, CA, who whined "Of course, I want people to have health care. I just didn't realize I would be the one who was going to pay for it personally."

      Whatta maroon.

  2. Anonymous, I have been saying the same thing and likewise getting nowhere. It would appear that Gruber was right about the stupidity of the left, who even now are still too dumb to realize how they're being insulted.

    1. Again, it's probably "Double-think", a typical attribute of leftist elitists.

      Gruber really doesn't seem smart enough to realize he's insulting the left, let alone how accurate that "stupid" moniker is to the Liberals who got taken in or willingly went with the lie.

      Here's Gruber in Vermont:

      I am reposting here from the comments:

      "Any Hsiao-Gruber type healthcare type mega-system will inevitably lead to coercive mandates, ballooning costs, increased costs, bureaucratic outrages, shabby facilities, disgruntled providers, longer waiting lines, lower-quality care, special interest nest-feathering, and destructive wages and price controls."

      This is a very detailed and prescient description of Hsia-type healthcare systems, a prediction that has been entirely accurate with Obamacare ala Gruber.

      If anything, it clearly is not written by a layman.

      Gruber didn't have any way of articulating a response, so he resorted to ad hominem; "Was this written by my adolescent children by any chance?"

      In short, Gruber is the child.

      Read and listen to Gruber's response again.

      He's got nothing to say to a challenge by a true expert that destroys his worldview (and is later vindicated). His "Was this written by my adolescent children by any chance?" is the epitome of a childish, adolescent and stupid response.

      Gruber is - in reality - a stupid man who's "intelligence" and qualifications are a pose, much like many people in the Ivy-League "intelligentsia. The man has never worked in the real-world - literally. He's a lifetime academic with no accomplishments under his belt - except Obamacare.

      Like so many academics, no employer worth his salt would give him a job beyond a "window-office" to keep politicians off their backs, or as salesmen for whom dirty tricks and lies are to be expected.

      So it's no surprise that Obamacare has turned out the way it has - simply by taking the measure of the people who designed it.

  3. It isn't surprising that leftists are too stupid to understand that they're the ones Herr Gruber is calling stupid, considering the fact that they keep calling us teabaggers. They don't seem to be able to grasp that for every teabagger there is someone being teabagged, even after having the concept explained to them over and over again.

  4. Those who Gruber thinks he is fooling are called Grubes. As it turns out, the Grubes were never fooled.

    1. Conservatives and libertarians were never fooled. But that is not who the grubes are, they are the low info voters that gave obama his 51% in 2012, and they were fooled completely by the obama lies, even after repubs pointed them out.

  5. Well since he probably refers to himself as a 'citizen of the world' he meant, you know' people who actually like the country for something other than how much you can fleece it for in consulting fees

  6. Jon Gruber Goebbels Himmler Schmitt
    Big Lies are Dem lies, toooooo.
    When retards are about
    'They're Americans!' he shouts.
    Says Jon Gruber Goebbels Himmler Schmitt!

  7. Clearly Gruber was talking about the stupidity of those who listened to, supported and believed President Barack Gruber Hussein.

    From the start, no Republican drank the gruberaide. Not one voted for GruberCare. And to this day, more than half the electorate is against this unconstitutional law.

    And as the gruberistic lies, obfuscations, opacities and built-in tricks, threats and penalties become more known ("We have to pass it to know what's in it!" -- Nancy Gruber Pelosi) even more of the "stupid" electorate will be damaged by this atrocious scam.

  8. I think this definition was created by the movie 'Die Hard'. The character 'Hans Grueber' covers a high end robbery with the language of a terrorist. Thinking about this professor, I cannot help but hear the quote from the movie where 'Hans' asks 'who said we were terrorists?' Exchange the word 'terrorists' with 'fixing healthcare' - would it not fit hand-in-glove?

    1. Somebody figured out what Hans Grueber was all about: "You're nothing but a common thief"
      Grueber: "I am an exceptional thief!"

      So this all-too-real Gruber might have something similar to say
      All of us: "you're nothing but a lying, conceited, jack@$$"
      Jon Gruber: "I am an exceptional jack@$$!"

  9. We should be planning on entering another word into the language when we find that none of our elected representatives can determine what is to be done for being grubered. Boenered?

    They actually work together well don't they?

  10. I don't get why everyone's so unhappy with Gruber....he's obviously a bright nerdy guy who calls it the way he sees it and while he might have been the/an 'architect' of the ACA, architects are paid men hired by others. Looks to me like he was following his marching orders.

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    1. Please, let's not act like leftists.

  12. Has this been submitted to Urban Dictionary?

  13. I feel comfortable posting as Anonymous since the IRS is probably monitoring this site for more "customers"