Monday, November 3, 2014

PC Headgear, Giant Bugs

In Douglasville GA, an early voter was told he had to remove his NRA hat while voting, because it "was associated with the Republican Party".  I thought it was more closely associated with things like personal liberty and the 2nd Amendment.  Political Correctness is used more and more openly as the weapon (how's that for irony) that it was always intended to be.  What do you suppose their reaction might have been if he had shown up wearing a hat that said "Fossil Fuel Is Bad, M'Kay"  or "Code Pink Rocks", or maybe "Yay Obamacare"?   

The destruction of the concept of individual Freedom is not a bug in the grand scheme that is progressivism, it's a feature.  Election Day, Nov 4, is tomorrow.  This nation is truly at a crossroads.  I don't think there has ever been an election with greater consequences for the future of this Republic.  

Yesterday I mailed in my absentee ballot.  I made sure I was wearing an NRA hat the whole time.

If Republicans take control of both houses, and If they acted in good faith with the People of this country and with the oaths they took, they could put an end to this train wreck of an administration in a matter of weeks.

Hey progressives, go suck a bug.  Not just any bug. This one:

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