Saturday, October 18, 2014

Ebola...A "War Without A General"

During a recent Congressional hearing on the ongoing ebola outbreak, Congressman Michael Burgess (R-TX) said  "We are in a war without a general".  This can be said of Mr. Obama's implausible treatment of just about everything, but it's reasonable to consider whether the confusion and neglect about ebola suggest something beyond mere incompetence.   

Lately Mr. Obama reminds us frequently of the need to remain calm and not panic.  Nothing contributes to the tendency to panic more than being lied to and kept in the dark.  Some straight answers about Mr. Obama's intentions would help this greatly.  Here are some unanswered questions:
  • Why are our embassies in affected West African nations still processing visas?
  • What purpose is served by exposing thousands of US military troops to ebola in West Africa?
  • Why did you issue an Executive order authorizing the call up of National guard reservists to also be sent to West Africa? 
  • What qualifies Ron Klain, the new ebola "czar" for this post?  His background is as a political operative involved with things like the Solyndra scandal.
  • Why would you propose to bring infected ebola patients from West Africa to America for treatment?
  • Why do you refuse to limit travel from the infected countries to US?
  • Why are illegal aliens allowed to travel freely in the US when they are known vectors of TB, malaria, enterovirus, and other diseases?
  • Why has NIH spent $39 Million studying matters like obesity in lesbians and origami condoms, but nothing for research on ebola?
  • Why does CDC head Dr. Frieden assure us that ebola cannot be spread by air when there is no conclusive research available which supports this?
  • Why does every move you've made increase the possibility of public exposure while issuing a stream of statements designed to suppress public concern?
  • Why have you said repeatedly that it is your job to protect Africa and Africans, but your actions betray your lack of concern for Americans? 
  • And finally, why, in the total absence of any proactive measures against the threat of an ebola outbreak, did you quietly issue Executive orders which authorize the imposition of martial law in the event of such an outbreak?
Given that there are no answers forthcoming about any of this, It is reasonable to expect that, far from panicking, rational people would find cause to be concerned about Mr. Obama's motives.  Eric Holder's comments notwithstanding, we are not a "nation of cowards".  We can handle the truth.  The problem is Mr. Obama seems to have some reason for avoiding it.  

If Mr. Obama is attempting to increase public anxiety as a pretext for operating one of his Executive Orders, he's going about things the way you might expect.  If instead he wants to deal effectively with the threat, he should provide us with some answers.   

Also posted at Nuking Politics 10/20/14


  1. Oh crap! I hadn't heard about that "imposition of martial law" executive order before!
    Do you suppose he'll wait until after the polls close on election day?

  2. During a recent conference call with folks from the CDC I was told that the infrastructure in the US can handle any pandemic or outbreak. They asked for questions at the end of the call and I had one. Has anyone talked with our equivalent partners in Central and South America? The line was dead silent. So, lesson learned, we may have the best stuff here, but we still have a third world Country right to our south that is not separated by water, huge mountains, a string of large volcanos of some form of great wall.

  3. All great questions, unfortuantely Obama has repeatedly shown that telling the truth is not in his character... I think he even lies to himself... and even if they put the truth on his teleprompter I believe he would have a mind cramp trying to speak the words... Interesting note that I read yesterday which might explain why Ron Klain was put in charge of the Ebola crisis... he is a strong advocate of population control... Happy Halloween on that one folks... SF