Thursday, October 16, 2014

A Pointed Message From Texas

When I saw this picture, for some reason it made me think of Mr. Obama.  It's just  a picture of a fence, but I have to wonder if Mr. Obama has any idea what fences are for.

People use fences for lots of things, Mr. Obama, like keeping their cows from wandering off.  If people don't have any cows, they can still use a fence to protect their home, say, or a ranch, or maybe even a nation.  Fences keep the bad guys out.  If you're not sure who the bad guys are, feel free to ask most any of us.  We'll be happy to explain it.  That's how we learn stuff.  When someone cares about something, especially if they promised to take care of it, fences are a good way to protect it.  

The picture was sent to me by Ralph, good man, Marine, grew up in Waco.  You can bet that when he saw it, he was thinking the same thing.

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