Saturday, June 17, 2017

The Madness Has Spread To Canada


  1. I am an older Canadian woman still obsessed with ... common sense.

    TWICE in the past month I was literally schooled by someone half my age because I get this..

    "I like the colour of a car. I am a girl.".. THAT led me to being schooled and blamed for "bringing gender into the conversation". We were admiring a new car was all and I expressed a liking for the colour.

    Then I am in a class for seniors on Computer ergonomics. I was the baby of the group at 68. The class was great. The instructor was a woman who dressed mannishly. At the end of the class she had some old guy about 85 in a chair and was showing him how to work at his laptop best. We were laughing at how comfortable he looked and I piped up with, "Now all you need is a pretty girl to bring you a drink." He smiled. Everyone laughed

    But the instructor turned to the group and in a disciplinary tone looked at me and said..."OR a gay man. OR a lesbian. OR a transgender. OR someone still deciding. It doesn't matter WHO brings him that drink."

    Mood of the class broken, knowing it was done, and this was NOT the right place because most of the old farts were clueless, I just thanked her for the knowledge but I did not need schooling on gender politics, I left with a smile.


    1. Seems like you only find this kind of PC nonsense in developed western countries that are infested with leftists. Like a lot of this kind of thing, at it’s root there’s a legitimate thought…”try not to be rude to other people who aren’t like you”…That’s fine, it’s simply called “politeness”, but the left always morphs it into this kind of PC stupidity, no matter how transparent it all is. They seem to be engaged in some kind of one-up contest with each other, because they need to demonstrate to each other a superior level of enlightenment…”look at me. See how enlightened I am”…As tiresome and pointless as it is, when this kind of idiocy gets scary is when government makes it official.

    2. Darlin', if you ever visit my blog, you will find that I have done so much stuff on the Frankfurt School and cultural Marxism WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY before anyone else was talking much about it! Canada is so screwed.... This is not the nation my ancestors helped build a few hundred years ago when they came....

      Trudeau is such a sick commie libtard puppet with no manhood and a great love of gays. He is Canada's answer to Obama and the corruption he brought to the US.

      Oh, and in Ontario, they just passed legislation stating a family not supporting their child's gender options ... well the child can be removed. Also for religious and so many other grounds.